EarthTec is an EPA registered algaecide/bactericide that is NSF-certified to ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water. EarthTec’s unique liquid formulation is proven effective at reducing TOC, taste and odor compounds and algae prior to entering the WTP. The result is better water quality entering the plant and more importantly, a significant reduction in chemical usage(chlorine, ozone, carbon, permanganate, coagulant). For this reason most plants who use EarthTec are able to produce higher quality water for significantly less money.

EarthTec has also shown to be one of the most economical solutions for removing taste and odor compounds such as geosmin. When a plant is going through a taste and odor episode, the public outcry and cost can be overwhelming. EarthTec removal efficiencies typically range from 80-99%. This is usually enough to eliminate complaints for under $20/mgd.

EarthTec® benefits:

  • Reduces TOCs, both particulate and dissolved
  • Removes taste and odor compounds, geosmin/MIB from the water
  • Eliminate algae
  • Lowers THM and HAA levels
  • Reduces need for other chemicals- ozone, carbon, permanganate, coagulant
  • Creates no known carcinogenic disinfection by-products (DBPs)
  • Zebra Mussel Prevention-

EarthTec has been applied successfully in raw water intakes for 20+ years. By pretreating right at the intake EarthTec is able to significantly improve the water quality entering the plant. Algae is completely removed. TOC is reduced by 20-50%. Taste and odor compounds like geosmin are removed by 50-99%.

is the perfect choice for reservoirs as it is a demand based product and stays in solution indefinitely until it reacts with organics or algae. This means 100% of our product is utilized with no waste.

EarthTec® is self dispersing and will not settle or precipitate out. It requires no mixing so it can be applied from the banks or in a boat. It is also not harmful to humans, animals or fish when used as directed.

EarthTec® is a highly soluble, low pH algicide/bactericide* containing a high concentration of biologically active cupric ions (Cu++). Conventional methods involve treating for algae after a bloom occurs, resulting in the need for high treatment levels and damage to non-target species. EarthTec® allows long term control and will prevent blooms from reoccurring without buildup of copper on the bottom.

The cost of EarthTec is usually around $15-20/mgd. The reduction in more expensive chemicals many times offsets the cost of EarthTec while allowing you to produce a better quality water. With EarthTec you will reduce chlorine and other oxidants used to reduce organics. This allows you to produce fewer disinfection by products. During taste and odor events EarthTec can save you thousands of dollars compared to carbon, permanganate, ozone and UV/oxidation.

Contact us today to set up a trial and discover why hundreds of customers have made the switch.

*Nonpublic Health Bacteria


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